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This contains everything you need to know about getting setup.

Coders for Causes Project Team

The following access you will need to have when working on the project

Developer Tools

These are the following tools that you need:

Optional Tools

These are tools that you may like to use, but are not required:

  • GUI for Git: Gitkraken / GitHub Desktop

After these installation, seek at the OS-specific tools.


These are tools specifically for Windows:

  • Virtual Machine: Vbox
    • You need this if you have some trouble with windows
Warning for Windows Users

Legit, among all the OS, you will have the most frustrating time as a developer in windows (unless you're doing C#) windows

Wanna have a better developer experience

You have a couple of options:

  • Using WSL
  • Dual Booting
  • Virtual Machines

The recommended OS to try is Ubuntu-based Linux. My personal favourite is PopOS.


These are installation specific to Linux:

  • Docker Post Installation Steps

    • Lots of users forget this documentation
    • This step is necessary if you intend to use the visual studio code docker extension
    • This will also allow you to run docker without the "sudo" command
  • Docker Compose Installation

    • Docker compose is not installed by default with Linux installations of Docker
    • Please follow this documentation
  • Node installation using Node Version Manager (NVM)

    • Installation steps can be found here
    • NVM is useful when dealing with multiple environments that require different versions of Node
    • It allows you to switch between different Node versions and environments easily
    • This tool is also available if you are using Windows Subsystem for Linux