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Practical Software Engineering Workflow

How software engineer GSD!

How do software engineers work?

They use issue/ticket management system to track their work.

Github Issues and Jira

The examples are Github Issues and Jira.

github jira

Listing of issues can be displayed in kanban boards.

Kanban Boards

github-kanban jira-kanban

Why do Software Engineers Work like this?


One example of "agile" ways of working and it looks like this. scrum

What is Git?

Git is a

  • version control system
  • tools for coordinating work for different changes

Main Parts of Git

Main Parts of git:

  • Change Node (commit node)
  • Branch


Git Different Versions

Software Versions


Nodes - Representation of a change (commits + merge)

Main/Master: - Branch usually as production or deployed

Development Branch - Branch used for development Used for compiling features for a release

Feature Branch - Branch used for development for a particular issue

GitHub and Code Repositories

GitHub - Place to hold code repositories

Repositories - Place where codes are stored with different versions


  1. Do the following from codersforcauses/software-engineering-practices-demo: Demonstration of software engineering practices (
  2. Look at the GitHub issues
  3. Assign yourself an issue
  4. Clone repo with git clone
  5. Create a branch with the following format s{Issue Number}-{Issue Name}. git checkout -b {Issue Number}-{Issue Name}
  6. Create the change to satisfy or complete the github issue
  7. Commit (package) the change git commit -m "{insert message here}" and push git push.
  8. Create a pull request and request for a reviewer from CFC peeps

Other Resources